Upper Elementary has a new name now – The Sapphires. Sapphire represent, hope, beauty and truth. We looked at what sapphires mean and then we created our own sapphires using our imagination and art supplies.

Victor’s ‘Sapphire Planet’ artwork

We are starting a track and cross country team in the fall. The elementary students were involved in voting for a school team mascot. We had to choose between beaver and mustang; the mustang won. A mustang represents, speed, strength and victory.

Have you seen the new school sign? International Montessori School Auburn (IMS – Auburn) is now the new name of our school. The tree represents our close community and the globe shows that we care and we welcome other people and cultures around the world. I hope you like our newsletter. You can look forward to a new “Sapphires Planet” letter every

Elementary students with the new school signs