Commissioner Fosque graced IMS – Auburn Elementary students with her presence in honor and celebration of Black History Month on February 22, 2019. Commissioner Fosque is apart of that history, making waves herself as the first African-American woman to be elected Gwinnett County Commissioner.

During her visit with us, she told her story about how she came to be elected. Originally from NY and later moved to North Carolina, Commissioner Fosque obtained a Business undergraduate degree and later, her Masters in Public Administration when she realized her passion wasn’t in business, rather it lies in service to others. She was elected last November and serves as the Commissioner to Lawrenceville and Buford. She explained that as Commissioner, she is part of the team that overseas the budget and how that effects what programs the county brings to the libraries, water operations, public transportation, parks and recreation and many other aspects of operations of Gwinnett County.

As Commissioner Fosque holds a position of community service, she encouraged our students to commit to volunteer services because there are many people who need help. Our students are ready! Part of being a Montessori student is having the awareness and respect of others needs. IMS – Auburn stands ready to set the standard of what it means to make change and be of service to others.

IMS – Auburn thanks Commissioner Fosque for her service and her visit to our school!