Question: Do you know the past owner of this school?
Yes, I do. We met years ago when we were working together for MAG, an association for Montessori schools’ administrators.

Question: What inspired you to work with the Montessori environment?
20 years ago, my son went to a Montessori school in London that was close
to where I worked. When I changed jobs, I could not find a school and I decided to open a school, so he can go there. I fell in love with Montessori and I never went back.

Question: Why did you choose to buy the school?
When I heard that OPMS had closed, I was deeply concerned and sad
because I believe Montessori schools should not close, but on the contrary, we should open more. I felt I could step in and help so I could be here for you and your families.

Question: What is and why are you a visionary?
It is someone who thinks great things about the future, so for me is to think about Montessori. My vision is for each child to be able to go to a Montessori school and to grow and learn in a Montessori school to high school, so a child could stay in a Montessori school as much as we can so they have the maximum of Montessori education.

Question: What are your plans for changing the school?
What I’d like is really to come in and work together to develop it in a positive way, not necessarily to change but to let kids have a maximum amount of Montessori education, and grow it to high school.

Question: What is it like to own a school?
It is a lot of work and you must have passion and love it. Sometimes you
find yourself working 24 hours a day and you are still thinking about everything. I could not have it any other day.

Follow up question: What school did you go to when you were my age (9)? What did you think of your experience?
I went to an international school in Sierra Leone. It was not a Montessori
School, but how I wish it was. I learned so much since I started in Montessori. I feel that in all the methods of education they don’t teach children to think and be creative. When you are older you have to think and find solutions to problems. Children in a Montessori school start that in primary, an example being conflict resolution. Montessori prepares a child by teaching life skills; Montessori is a holistic education that teaches not only academics, but also care of one’s environment and home.

Thank you so much time for your time, I had a lot of fun.