Junior High School
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Success (for the adolescent)
depends on self-confidence,
on the awareness of one’s
own talents and of the
many possibilities of their

The Junior High Experience

The newest IMS – Auburn program is available to students 12-15 years old with a montessori background. The curriculum prepares adolescents for higher education and life-long learning by promoting personal and academic development. Unlike a traditional middle school, the program serves 7th, 8th and 9th graders as they get ready for a Montessori high school curriculum.

The Adolescent Montessori Program is a development of self through the following areas:

Relating to Peers & Adults

  • Develop and maintain positive relationships
  • Resolving issues
  • Accepting responsibility
  • Participate in building a strong school society and bond
  • Learn value of community service

Preparing leadership in a globalized world

  • Cultural studies
  • Annual international trip
  • Global community service

Developing the intellect

  • Research and studies through coursework: mathematics, science, social science and language utilizing
    textbooks, seminars, experts, internships and multimedia
  • Personal experiences through internships
  • Acquiring business skills through production, sales, bookkeeping
  • Working with the land through preparation, tending to harvest produce
  • Going out to attain more information and to participate in the greater world
  • Digital discoveries with the work of computer programs to writing programs

Self Expression

  • Fine Arts
  • Music
  • Drama
  • Public Speaking
  • Writing

Extra Curricular

  • Debate
  • Robotics
  • Open Studio
  • Study Hall
  • Sports
  • Clubs: Science, language, student directed

Being a new program with limited students, the choice of athletics will be based on the needs of the individual students or small group of students. Currently we offer cross country, basketball and volleyball. Future plans to build a full athletic program to include soccer, track and field, and swimming are in the works.

Our Junior High Program is a 5-day a week, full day program from 8:00 am – 3:15 pm