Beyond the Books

In the Montessori environment areas of development include: Sensory and Perceptual development, Motor development, Self-Help Skills, Language development, and Social/Emotional development.



Our Programs


In our Jades (Infants) classroom, Infants receive emotional nurturing and an environment which promotes their very real need to learn (physically, socially, emotionally, and cognitively)

Children walking independently and self-feeding transition to our toddler community 


In our Pre-Primary (Sunstones) Classrooms, each child is exposed to experiences that are critical to his or her personality and intellectual development. Our prepared Montessori environment includes activities that are appropriate for the earliest stages of a child’s development. Children typically transition to Primary when they are toileting independently.


In our Primary classroom, we cultivate each child’s own natural desire to learn by allowing each child to experience the excitement of learning by his or her own choice rather than by being forced; and by helping the child perfect his or her natural tools for learning. The six areas of the classroom are: Practical Life (independence- building skills), Sensorial, Language, Math, Geography, and Art.


The elementary (Rubies and Sapphires) program offers a continuum built on the Primary experience. The environment reflects the needs of children in the Second Plane of development

Extra Curricular Programs

Our extracurricular programs run on an 8 week cycle.


Young Musicians

Green STEM

Afterschool Sports

Art & Design